Ultra Edition Platinum Pro

Games: 6500+
Price: $2990

Jukebox Subwoofer Kit ($300.00)
Advanced Graphics (NVIDIA) ($120.00)
Dance Revolution (1st Player) ($499.00)
Dance Revolution (2nd Player) ($399.00)
Arcade Light Gun ($300.00)


Click here to download 6500+ games list

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    • By popular demand we’ve taken the best, and made it even better
    • 4 player simultaneous game play
    • 26″ LCD screen
    • Stainless steel control panel
    • Trackball
    • Easy to access control panel
    • New Ultra Edition interface
    • Save high scores
    • Fully customisable
    • Better performance
    • Multiple platforms and consoles to choose from
    • Virtual Pinball
    • Shut down safety feature
    • More stable and reliable system


Game Systems:
    • Play classic arcade games (all original from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and more)
    • Play Nintendo NES Games
    • Play Super Nintendo Games
    • Play Sega Game Gear Games
    • Play Sega Master System Games
    • Play Sega Megadrive Games
    • Play Atari 2600 Games
    • Play Atari Jaguar Games
    • Play Intellivision Games
    • Play Virtual Pinball Games


  • 175h x 68w x 60d (cm)
  • 80 kg

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