Welcome to our guide for the awesome ODROID-GO!

ODROID-GO is available at Gametraders Macarthur Square because we just love retro! The world of emulation can be great as it unlocks out of region games, fan translations plus much more. Due to copyright, we cannot share the link to rom pages directly.

The ODROID-GO is an 8-Bit DIY Retro Kit that is compatible with Game Boy (GB), Game Boy Color (GBC), Game Gear(GG), Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Sega Master System (SMS) and ColecoVision (COL).

The following guide should be followed carefully to ensure your unit is put together correctly and does not break.

A. 1x ODROID-GO Board
B. 1x Front enclosure
C. 1x Back enclosure
D. 1x 2.4“ LCD
E. 1x D-Pad Rubber
F. 1x A,B Button Pad Rubber
G. 2x Select Buttons Rubber
H. 1x 8 Ohm 0.5W Speaker
I. 1x 10pin mail header
J. 10x Screws
K. 1x LCD window
L. 1x Plastic D-Pad, Button set
M. 1x Micro USB Cable
N. 1x 1200mAh Li-ion battery

This section shows you how you can build the ODROID-GO. Please carefully follow the instruction below.

LCD window

First, in order to protect LCD screen, you have to place the enclosed plastic screen cover on the front enclosure. Please completely remove the sticker on the back of the screen cover and carefully place it on the front enclosure.

LCD screen

Second, you need to attach the 2.4” LCD screen to the front enclosure. Please note that you must remove the vinyl cover on the LCD screen before placing LCD module in the front enclosure. Also, you would need to slightly wipe or blow out the window cover or LCD screen in order to remove any dust or fingerprints.

Take care with the screen and do not place any pressure on the LCD directly as it can lead to breakages as displayed below.

Play buttons

Third, place the play buttons in the front enclosure. You need to cut and remove the plastic buttons (an arrow key piece, buttons ‘A’ and ‘B’) from the plastic button set enclosed, and then put the rubber pieces on top of the plastic keys.

Main board

Next is the main part of the assembling instructions. Please carefully put the ODROID-GO board in the front enclosure and connect the LCD cable to the board.
You have to fully insert the LCD FPC cable into the connector. Otherwise, the display will not work from time to time.
The white line of FPC cable has to reach very close to the connector locker.
After the LCD screen cable is firmly connected, you can fasten the main board with the screws (4x) enclosed.

You also need to connect the battery pack and speaker module to the ODROID-GO board. It would be a good idea to wrap the speaker wires as shown in the picture, otherwise, it would be difficult to close the back enclosure.

Power key

Another piece which you have to cut on the plastic button set is the power key, and you can place the power switch at the side of the ODROID-GO.

Close the back enclosure

Finally, you can close the back enclosure of the ODROID-GO with the screws (6x) enclosed. You can also try to turn on the ODROID-GO before closing the back enclosure.

Testing before playing

You can turn the device on or off with the power switch on the right side of the ODROID-GO. Please softly slide the key up to turn on or down to turn off.

ODROID-GO only supports FAT file system, make sure you format the card correctly prior to loading the software and roms.

Download Skeleton file here: sdcard_0907

Uncompress and you can see 2 directories, odroid and roms.

Move them into the top-level of the FAT formatted SD card.

Move the games to the proper location of the SD card.

Even more details can be found here: https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid_go/go_assembling

And here: https://www.hardkernel.com/main/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G152875062626