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1 day ago

Sub Terra Coming Soon!

We love a new big boardgame release! The Sub Terra base set, expansions and deluxe edition are hitting the store in the next few weeks. You and up to five friends are cave explorers who have become trapped deep underground.

2 days ago

Ever wanted to build your own handheld console, the O-Droid is the item for you! This bad boi can emulate your classic games from the NES, Gameboy, Gameboy colour, Master System and Game Gear!

3 days ago

Just got a bunch of sweet new books in! Were proud to announce we are now an official fangamer stockist! These books are limited, so grab them quick while you can!

3 days ago

Nail biting end there! Happy Eevee & Pikachu day everyone! Game, console and packs will arrive in store shortly. Plus, if you want to take the Pokemon Go link up to the next level, we're stocked up on GO-TCHAs and Rangers!

4 days ago

Timeline Photos

One of the cutest mini consoles to hit the market and not formally released in Australia has just hit our store shelves! The NEOGEO Mini is jam packed with 40 arcade classics including the Metal Slug lineup, King of the Monsters, Samurai Showdown and more!

4 days ago

Only 24 hours to go until Let's Go Eevee & Pikachu are out! Which team are you on?

5 days ago

Awards - The Game Awards

The year is not even over and there has been some amazing releases! What has been your favourite release so far and who are you voting for in the gamer awards? They may not have all made the shortlist but here's our picks!

Benn: Tetris Effect and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey!
Jo: God of War... Boy!
Carissa: Spyro Reignited & God of War
Steve: Mega Drive HD had Alex Kidd in Miracle Land...
Rune: Ultimate Masters! and Monster Sleeves
Alison: Banjo kazooie is my favourite every year
Josh: It's between Sea of Thieves, Monster Hunter World or Red Dead Redemption 2.
Kayleen: Detroit: Become Human & Assassins Creed: Odyssey
Peter: Alex Kidd followed by Far Cry 5
Shaun: Spider-Man

This year more than 100 games and individuals have been nominated for The Game Awards. Choose your favorites below. You can vote once every 24 hours, and if you share your vote it receives an extra boost in our winner formula. Winners will be announced live on December 6th at The Game Awards. Find o...

5 days ago

Timeline Photos

Lose your life to all these new releases!!!

6 days ago

Photos from Gametraders Macarthur Square's post

Introducing two of our new frequent shopper cards! Retro Game Club card gives you 50% off any preowned game on your 9th retro purchase and with RPG Club you'll get a free mini worth up to $10 on your 12th purchase of any RPG product!

These details are exclusive to Gametraders Macarthur Square and like our Pop Club, TCG Club and Board Game Club, competing a card puts you in the draw to win an additional prize each month!

1 week ago

So long to Stan Lee, the creator and influencor of so much that we hold dear. Thanks for the memories and for doing so much with the time you had with us here on this little planet. You'll be missed by us all.

“With great power comes great responsibilty.”